Sheltering in Place, Together

I hope everyone is staying healthy and reasonably sane during these unprecedented times. Although reasonable minds can differ on what policy actions governments should take, hopefully we can all be civil and respectful to each other.

Personally, I am trying to do connect virtually with those with whom I haven’t kept in as close contact as I should have. Video calls, particularly one-on-one or in small groups, are a great way to maintain personal connections. A silver lining of the pandemic is that many are leveraging technology to become closer to each other.

Fortunately, technology has helped with my work as well. ELIJAH is able to perform almost all digital forensic collection functions remotely, and then perform analysis back in our labs, or remotely from home via secure connections. eDiscovery work is designed to be performed remotely, and our cybersecurity and IT support work is almost entirely remote as well. Another silver lining is that our clients are realizing that we can support their needs remotely even in locations where we have no physical offices. Of course, many companies and their employees are not nearly as lucky, and I hope that everyone safely can reopen and get back to work soon!