ELIJAH Operational and Remote Services Update

ELIJAH has remained open for business during the recent COVID-19 pandemic, providing essential services to our clients while complying with local legal requirements and best practices for public health. We appreciate your patience with necessary adjustments to service offerings that often had been provided on an in-person basis.

The coronavirus pandemic has made clear the need for service providers in the digital forensics, eDiscovery, cybersecurity, and information technology spaces to be able to offer efficient solutions to serve their clients. ELIJAH has been offering remote services since long before COVID-19 disrupted international affairs. For digital forensics, we have perfected a defensible approach to remote collections that requires no technical knowledge on the part of our clients or data custodians, with ELIJAH performing all substantive work as if we were in the same room. Our eDiscovery hosting solution is entirely cloud based. Our cybersecurity team can perform vulnerability assessments and penetration testing of networks and web applications from the comfort of their offices. Finally, for IT support we have an online platform that allows us to remotely manage client devices and share screens to provide local support.

Even when not facing a pandemic, ELIJAH’s remote services often are the right choice for clients. For the same reason that people text/call/email more often than they meet with others in person, remote services can reduce the time and expenses associated with travel. Additionally, although ELIJAH maintains strategically placed offices, recent events have made clear that expertise is far more important than physical presence in a digital age. ELIJAH is well positioned to meet clients’ digital forensic, eDiscovery, cybersecurity, and information technology needs, whether they are down the street or across the planet. For additional information, please email me at andy.reisman@elijaht.com.