• Founded in 2003 from a 700 square foot downtown Chicago loft, ELIJAH now is a consistently award-winning digital forensics service provider. Led by former litigation law firm partners and with a dedicated team of highly skilled computer forensic experts, ELIJAH is best positioned to meet your needs because digital forensics is our sole focus. ELIJAH has become one of the leading providers of digital forensic expert services to organizations nationwide, while staying true to our Midwest values rooted in hard work, dedication, and client service. For ELIJAH, “Better Evidence, Clearly” is as much a business model as a motto. ELIJAH performs digital forensic collections and investigations in a manner that best provides our clients with the evidence needed for their important matters, while communicating highly technical concepts in an easily understandable manner. “Better Evidence, Clearly” results in clearly better evidence! That focus, combined with providing our clients with the highest levels of judgment, responsiveness, and value, has helped ELIJAH build enduring client relationships.

  • Elijah Data Security is the organization trusted by the SMB market and law firms to provide perceptive cybersecurity expertise that maximizes security while minimizing unnecessary costs. Organizations face a barrage of internal and external threats to the security of their data infrastructure and confidential information. As cyber-attacks become more common and sophisticated, organizations know all too well that such incidents can exact high monetary and reputational costs. As these threats continue to escalate, so too does the critical threat of sensitive and confidential information becoming compromised. Should your organization experience a security breach, it’s imperative your next course of action be to mitigate the damage. How you respond to the incident – and who you turn to – matters. Whether for information security assessments, consulting, penetration testing, or incident response, Elijah Data Security helps you efficiently minimize cybersecurity risk.

  • Andy Reisman is a Member of Elijah Information Technology LLC, which provides expert information technology consulting services to small and mid-sized organizations. Elijah Information Technology offers services including IT consulting, managed services, break-fix, help desk, network maintenance, and system upgrades. We can help augment an existing IT team, or perform all IT functions on an outsourced basis. Elijah Information Technology employs tools that allow us to deliver most services remotely, reducing travel expenses and removing geographic impediments to service.